Accessible, Transparent, Hands on, Approachable

My clients are better able to utilize their core beliefs and goals to build more effective and stronger alliances with both customers and themselves.

Dena M. Plotkin
Collaborative Strategist

I bring a unique and effective skill-set to the table.

My unique and dynamic approach to work offers a differentiating alternative to the sea of traditional  strategists and consultants. I am an expert in understanding why we, as individuals and organizations, respond and react as we do.

Ideas into Execution…
For over 20 years I have been working to create new and different platforms to support collaborative forums where core values and beliefs can be accurately reflected and utilized in a concrete way.

It is not about the people with whom we work, it is about recognizing and valuing the expertise they bring with them. 

I engage quickly with my clients and their work.

You need more than just spreadsheets and analysis. You need action and change.

I specialize in recognizing and capitalizing the opportunities for change.

I make the abstract concrete.